Wadia 151 PowerDAC Mini Digital Integrated Amplifier – Black

Coaxial and Toslink inputs accept data rates up to a 24-bit/192kHz
USB input will receive data up to 24-bit/96kHz
Will up-sample all incoming data to 24-bit/384kHz


Wadia engineers have long believed one of the best ways to process and convert a digital signal is to have the digital to analog conversion be the very last step before delivering the signal to the loudspeaker. Till recently, the circuit technology required to execute this strategy used to be exceptionally dear. Working with key manufacturing partners, Wadia developed a singular integrated circuitry answer. Now, Wadia PowerDAC technology delivers performance audibly superior to traditional digital amplifiers.
Astonishingly pure solution and clarity.
The Wadia 151PowerDAC mini is an advanced combination of top performance DAC, strangely powerful amplifier, and quite a lot of inputs for these days’s digital sources. With a nod to Wadia’s original Reference PowerDAC, the 151uses a scaled-down version of proprietary Wadia DigiMaster, and DirectConnect technologies for pristine reconstruction and amplification of your entire digital sources.

Convergence Wadia taste. Four selectable digital inputs together with USB, Toslink, and (2) coax S/PDIF supply quite a lot of opportunity to attach a pc, games, and streaming audio sources, in addition to your iTransport.

This top-solution digital audio signal is modulated into a conservatively rated 50-watt/4ohm PWM output, and delivered in your loudspeakers the usage of these days’s so much advanced digital amplification. The performance is in point of fact astonishing.
What’s within the box
151PowerDAC mini
Metal Remote
Heavy Duty Power Wire
User Guide
Coaxial and Toslink inputs settle for knowledge rates as much as a 24-bit/192kHz
USB input will receive knowledge as much as 24-bit/96kHz
Will up-sample all incoming knowledge to 24-bit/384kHz


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