Teac AX-501-B Integrated Amplifier (Black)

ALC0240 Class-D Power Amplifier by ABLETEC
A fully-balanced approach used for the analog circuits on the pre-amplifier
Maximum 120W + 120W of output power for practical use (at 4ohms impedance)


Built-in Amplifier with ‘Absolutely-balanced’ analog circuitry pre-amp, prime Energy virtual amp and XLR balanced inputs.
ALC0240 Elegance-D Energy Amplifier by means of ABLETEC
An absolutely-balanced method used for the analog circuits at the pre-amplifier
Most 120W + 120W of output Energy for sensible use (at 4ohms impedance)
Twin analog degree meters with dimmable backlight
No Cooling-Fan, for Quiet Operation Efforts to do away with noise and make sure top quality audio


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