Taramp’s T60KW 60000W High Voltage Car Amplifier

taramps 60000 watt car amp high volt
weight: 10 (lbs.)
Model #: T60KW


T Series Amplifiers from Taramp’s -Those top Energy line of amplifiers from Brazil bring you the most productive in engineering and tool on your excessive automotive audio installations. Taramp’s has a neatly-deserved recognition for development top of the range, top-Energy cell audio merchandise. The HD Series amps are one of the crucial perfect-promoting models, with variable low and high move filters (crossovers), excessive sturdiness, even as handing over more dependable efficiency at usual automotive voltage available on the market as of late.
taramps 60000 watt automotive amp top volt
weight: 10 (lbs.)
Type #: T60KW
Max Output Energy: 277 VDC – 0,5 OHM: 60.000 WRMS;Input sensitivity:775mV 0dB (stage with one hundred%) 0,5 OHM


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