Supremo Piccolo – Morel 1″ Exotic Inverted Tweeters Black Mesh Grilles

Nominal Impedance: 6.00 ohm
Power Handling: 200W
Max. Transient Power Handling: 1000W


FS: 800Hz, Voice Coil Diameter: 28.00mm (1.10″), Voice Coil Former: Aluminum, Voice Coil Cord: Hexatech aluminum, DC Resistance: 5.20 ohm, Magnet Device: Neodymium flat pancake layout, Dome Sort: Acuflex cushy dome, Dome Subject matter: Silk, Unit Diameter: 67.00mm (2.sixty three”), Mounting Intensity: 32.00mm (1.25″), Mounting Cutout: 55.00mm (2.sixteen”), Internet Weight: 0.35kg (zero.80lb), Lotus Grilles.
Nominal Impedance: 6.00 ohm
Energy Coping with: 200W
Max. Temporary Energy Coping with: 1000W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1M): 90dB
Frequency Reaction: 1.40 to 25KHz Prohibit: 0.30-50KHz


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