Sunfire TGA-7201 7-Channel 200W Theater Grand Amplifier (Black)


BUILT ON A LEGACY OF POWER The usage of the similar prime power, no-compromise, highly efficient design manner because the TGA-7401 model, the TGA-7201 boasts an astonishing 200 watts from each and every of its 7 channels. Copious power makes it a workhorse in 7.1 home theaters, yet on the same time the TGA-7201 is similarly suited for 5.1 systems that require second zone operation – just use the 2 extra amp channels to drive any space of the house, such because the patio or place of work. But power of this stature with out similarly serious keep watch over interprets into bother waiting to occur. That is why Sunfire developed its exclusive Tracking DownconverterTM technology for the best, so much reliable operation regardless of how hot the performance gets. What’s more, the TGA-7401-and its siblings the TGA-7201 and TGA-5401-are each and every Sunfire OptimizedTM, an impressive program that ensures your new amp is designed to accomplish optimally with different Sunfire electronics and their wide assortment of speakers, too. Having said all this, may Sunfire’s Amplifiers ever truly provides you with an excessive amount of power? Just flip one up and to find out.


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