Rust Converter ULTRA, Highly Effective Professional Grade Rust Repair

HALTS existing rust
PREVENTS future rust & corrosion
FORMS a durable protective barrier

This new surface conditioner and primer changes rust into a depressing protective polymeric coating. It converts existing rust to an inert coating that seals out moisture to forestall long term rust and corrosion. This rust converter provides a very good primer coating for the appliance of quality oil-based totally paints. Surfaces safe with this primer and an oil-based totally paint system resists the consequences of weather, rain, sun and salt spray with out peeling or cracking. This simple-to-use product is step one in providing long-term protection of steel and iron surfaces. DIRECTIONS FOR USE SURFACE PREPARATION: Get rid of large rust and scale particles with a wire brush or sandpaper. Clean the skin thoroughly to take away dirt, dust and grease. APPLICATION: SHAKE OR STIR WELL BEFORE USING! Apply this product the use of a broom or roller. This product is able-to-use – NO thinning is needed. COVERAGE: 500 square feet per gallon on a smooth, non-porous surface. Irregular, porous or textured surfaces would possibly require more product. DRYING TIME: The resulting coat will dry to a smooth, dark finish in 20 minutes. Apply a second coat to make sure complete transformation of rusty surfaces. Allow 48 hours of cure time before the appliance of the completed paint coat. For long-lasting protection of iron surfaces, the cured rust converter coating will have to be sealed with two coats of a top of the range oil-based totally paint. No other primer is needed. CLEAN-UP: Application equipment will have to be wiped clean instantly with soap and water. GENERAL: Don’t apply this product if the skin temperatures are under 50°F. Store in a fab, dry place, safe from freezing or temperatures above one hundred°F.
HALTS existing rust
PREVENTS long term rust & corrosion
FORMS a durable protective barrier
ELIMINATES the desire for sand blasting, grinding or scraping
APPLY by brushing or spraying








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