Professional Products 81006 0.35″ Thick Spacer for Small Block Ford


Skilled Merchandise 0.35 Inch Thick Spacer for Small Block Ford options SB Ford Dampers that experience all been made to the 1963-1969 period. This permits using both early and overdue taste dampers within the early chassis. The entire SB Ford dampers even have both the 3 and 4 bolt pulley patterns. In addition they have three sets of timing marks to fit all SB engines. If the stock damper is longer than three inches, the variation can also be made up with a sequence of spacers. To decide which spacer is wanted, the period of the damper must be measured (see drawing above) and the chart must be referred to peer which spacer is wanted. The usual spacers are product of aluminum and are very reasonably priced. If there’s a 5.0 liter engine running a belt driven blower, it’s endorsed to make use of the 81009 Steel spacer as a substitute of the 81007 aluminum one.


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