Power Stop L5044 Autospecialty Remanufactured Caliper

100% Pressure tested to prevent leaks
New bleeder screws, Premium hardware & pins
High temperature EPDM rubber for extended life


Energy Prevent’s Autospecialty OE Substitute Brake Calipers (Bought For my part) bolt in an instant as opposed to the inventory calipers. The Caliper and the Bracket are remanufactured in our Chicago, IL facility. All new Top rate boots and seals are used, along side Prime-temperature silicone lubricant at the caliper pins for lengthy lifestyles.
one hundred% Force examined to forestall leaks
New bleeder screws, Top rate hardware & pins
Prime temperature EPDM rubber for prolonged lifestyles
Top rate silicone lubrication supplies smoother operation
Entrance Proper


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