P21S Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo, 500 ml – 3 Pack

Thorough, gentle cleaners
Safe and easy to use
Provides outstanding slickness and lubrication


P21S, German makers of auto care products which come with Total Auto Wash and Multi Surface Finish Restorer, are proud to provide this shampoo, wealthy in lather and quality ingredients. P21S Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo Incorporates wheat germ, an excellent food that may be wealthy in Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin E. This, plus sparsely selected sugar-based totally ingredients provide a nourishing conditioning remedy, in addition to a gentle cleansing shampoo in your car. Oils Stay Put. Steadily, frequent car washing can draw away oils which might be essential to keep your car having a look brilliant and hydrated. This conditioning shampoo will replenish oils that were lost, whilst also cleaning your vehicle within the gentlest way conceivable. The outcome shall be a healthy, pristine look. Gentle on Hands. Detergents will also be harsh to your hands, drying them out with chemicals. P21S Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo will if truth be told make your hands feel moisturized, and this option makes this car care product Protected for everyone within the circle of relatives to make use of. This specially blended conditioning shampoo is Protected and easy to make use of, and will give your car a luster and shine that best nature may give.
Thorough, gentle cleaners
Protected and easy to make use of
Provides outstanding slickness and lubrication
Incorporates natural oils to condition, lubricate, and moisturize your car’s paint
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