Obenauf’s Leather Oil

Take care of your precious leather with this fantastic oil
Replenishes lost natural oils and beeswax to old, dry leathers
Guards against moisture, mold and mildew


Obenauf’s Leather Oil. Restores Dry Leather. Made in the USA. Obenauf’s one hundred% Herbal LP Boot Oil has a mix of Herbal oils with propolis (tree resins) that is going totally into the leather to give protection to in addition to maintain. Use as a substitute of Neatsfoot, to scale back darkening and to keep away from stretching. It repels water, resists cracking and dry rot. Use the included dauber to revive Herbal oils and shine. Nice to be used among packages of LP preservative. Made in USA.
Handle your treasured leather with this implausible oil
Replenishes misplaced Herbal oils and beeswax to vintage, dry leathers
Guards towards moisture, mildew and mold
Is helping leather withstand cracking, scuffing and dry rot
System is scent-much less after applied







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