Moroso 74100 Battery Disconnect Switch

Rating: 20 amps @ 6-36 volts DC
Required by many sanctioning bodies
A quick twist of the non-slip handle shuts off all electrical current to the electric fuel pump, electric water pump, ignition, instruments, etc.


Battery Disconnect Transfer
Score: 20 amps @ 6-36 volts DC
Required through many sanctioning our bodies
A handy guide a rough twist of the non-slip take care of shuts off all electrical present to the electrical gasoline pump, electrical water pump, ignition, tools, and so forth.
For drag racing cars, the Transfer will have to be fixed at the car’s rear panel for simple accessibility
For oval monitor and highway racing packages, the Transfer will have to be fixed in order that it may well simply be reached through the driving force or provider team of workers from outdoor the car


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