Kicker White Dual Wake Tower System w/ 4 6.5″ LED Speakers, LED Remote and Wet Sounds HT-4 400 Watt Marine Amp


This bundle features a pair of 12KMTEDW white or black marine tower enclosures and 4 white or black KM 6.5†LED speakers. These speakers will have to be used on two channels of the amplifier taking into account the addition of a subwoofer or any other pair of speakers at the remaining two channels. Spectacular highs and midrange sounds coupled with the most straightforward of speaker installations provide full-range audio in particular for a marine environment. UV treatments at the coaxials’ injection-molded cones, Santoprene® surrounds, baskets and grilles assist all models deal with in marine environments. These speakers can undergo almost any weather conditions with splash-and-spray-resisting sealed motors, cones and locking terminal covers. 41KMLC RGB LED controller With just about unending lights possibilities at your fingertips, you’ll change the mood just by pressing a button. Fade, brightness, speed/strobe and color are all only a click away from changing into a part of your best possible, personal commentary. The HT-4 is a high powered marine 4 ch full range class d amplifier that lets you configure it to power any combination of speakers systems. The HT-4 can run a couple of Marine Speakers, Marine Speakers and subwoofers, Marine Speakers and tower speakers, tower speakers and subwoofers, a couple of subwoofers or used to power tower speakers.  High Pass, Low pass  and Full range crossover variety on all channels with bass spice up adjustment  build up the versatility.Channels 1 and 2 are for wake tower system and channels 3 and 4 are for other speakers and/or sub in boat. The enclosures were designed with a nine-degree axis rotation in either direction, allowing the speaker cans to be aimed in essentially the most desirable location to deliver maximum sound quality. Includes polyfill, mounting hardware, aluminum tower-pipe clamps (2-5/8-inch), and 3 sizes of mounting adapters for the preferred pipe diameters (2-1/4, 2-3/8, 2-1/2).


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