Kensington K64674WW Preset Combination Laptop Lock Pack of 25 (Sliver)

Attaches to laptop via the Kensington Security Slot found in 99% of computers
Web registration allows easy administration and recovery of combinations
Sold in lots of 25, each lock with a preset combination


FACTORY DIRECT ONLY ITEM Preset Aggregate Lock Pc — SOLD AS A 25 % NOT AS SINGLE UNITS—1pack=25 locks *****for each and every set of 25 there’s a registration number plate packaged with it. This registration number plate is sort of a vin number. When you sign up that reg code at our website, you’re going to be given the 25 mixtures related to each and every serial number at the lock.
Attaches to Pc by the use of the Kensington Safety Slot present in ninety nine% of computer systems
Internet registration permits simple management and restoration of mixtures
Offered in plenty of 25, each and every lock with a preset Aggregate
Keyless four-wheel Aggregate
Push button design for one hand operation to simply set up lock


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