Jet Chips 90117 Underdrive Pulley Set


The JET Underdrive Pulley Set reclaims lost horsepower andmileage through lowering the drag positioned at the engine to force theaccessories such because the air con Energy guidance and waterpump. The JET Pulleys decelerate those Equipment to permit theengine to show with less attempt with none adverse impact on theoperation of A/C Energy guidance charging or cooling techniques.Deploy is composed of easy bolt-on replacement of the stockpulleys. Kits come with pulleys hardware entire directions andpart number for brand spanking new serpentine belt (such a lot kits would require use ofsmaller measurement belt).Provides HorsepowerIncreased Fuel EconomyBetter AccelerationOne Piece Billet Metal ConstructionReduced Drag From Energy Robbing Equipment


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