JET 90104 Performance Underdrive Pulley Kit

Add horsepower by reducing drag on the engine
No adverse effect on vehicle
Quick horsepower gain


JET Efficiency beneath drive Pulley Kit gives simple horsepower and torque will increase to your vehicle. It supplies an exclusive full vary tuning of the air/fuel ratio, ignition advance and more than a few different parameters. Each and every tune is track and dyno examined to verify essentially the most imaginable horsepower from Each and every application with out effecting drivability or fuel economy. The level 1 chips are designed for the usage of decrease octane fuels. The level 2 chips are designed for the usage of 89 or upper octane, improved air intake system, improved exhaust and can work neatly with a 180 level t-stat. The level 2 may even work neatly with aftermarket mass air sensors, tbi spacers, and so forth.
Add horsepower via lowering drag at the engine
No adverse impact on vehicle
Fast horsepower gain


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