INFINITY KAPPA 4100msb Amplified Marine Soundbar

2 soundbar speaker sections
2 mounting brackets
1 AVRCP remote control and battery


Same old-setting Infinity professional and residential audio performance is now to be had for boaters. The brand new Infinity Kappa Marine Soundbar is designed for boats in addition to other amusing circle of relatives vehicles. Take the helm and enjoy the sound of tough INFINITY rollicking sound. (Take a look at 105 dB at fifteen feet!) Additionally it is provided with a really perfect flexible mounting system in an effort to will let you ride the waves and take a 10G shock knowing the whole thing continues to be on board. You’ll be able to also separate the soundbar into two speaker towers to optimize sound quality for any boat installation including pontoons. Bluetooth, 3.5mm and RCA output jacks permit you and your mates to take turns streaming playlists. There is a GoPro shoe for an action camera to percentage your such a lot exciting moments. With a glowing red LED output display and ambient lighting fixtures, you might be within the cockpit able to do things you could have never done before-be it on land or sea.
2 soundbar speaker sections
2 mounting brackets
1 AVRCP remote keep an eye on and battery
2 RCA adapters
1 threaded rod


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