icescreen MIT-B-01 Mirror Mittz

High quality, mildew and scratch resistant
Pull string and security tab against theft
Stretches over all size mirrors


The all year round magnetic iceScreen. The winter accessory on the way to save you hours out of your day. Drive away with a clean windshield in less time than it takes to locate your scraper. ice shield & sun shade

The Deluxe Windshield

The all year round magnetic car cover that snaps onto your car’s canopy The use of powerful magnets, offering overnight windshield protection from frost and ice all over cold weather. Flips over for sun reflective windshield sun shade.

The Detroit News

“Skip the entire scraping and be presented each and every morning with a clear view of the road”


The design holds iceScreen tight, thanks to seven strong magnets anchoring it in place


Flaps on side shut in doors for extra wind/theft/ninja protection

Self Storage

Folds compactly into a convenient pouch for simple storage

The Magnetic Windshield

iceScreen prevents windshield icing. Save time to your travel and leave the ice scraper where it belongs: within the trash.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Simple. Protected. Versatile.

How did you get a hold of the idea for this product?

After surviving many frigid, near-apocalyptic winters in the United Kingdom, Dan made up our minds enough used to be enough. Pledging to “scrape no more,” the duo got down to create a solid car window screen product that could prevent window icing without the need for an engineering degree to make use of it each and every night. Thus, the iceScreen used to be born: a versatile windshield cover that installs in seconds, pulls off even quicker and holds as much as the elements winter after winter.

What makes your product special?

The iceScreen is more than only a nifty car accessory. The use of an iceScreen can benefit you in such a lot of ways right through the year. Throw one over your car and do your part to save the planet by The use of less emissions to defrost your car within the morning, steer clear of citations for driving with a blocked windshield, save a life by driving with a clear view of the road… that is only a start, there’s so a lot more.

What has been the most efficient a part of your startup experience?

The reinforce from the community has been overwhelming. We couldn’t of done it without all our supporters.

Prime quality, mildew and scratch resistant
Pull string and security tab against theft
Stretches over all size mirrors





















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