Enviro-Safe 2.6 Vacuum Pump, Brass Manifold, Can Tap Combo

2.6 CFM Single Stage Vacuum Pump #4015
Brass Manifold #800
Can Tap #5005


Vacuum pump, Brass Manifold Kit! This can be a vacuum pump, it DOES NOT evacuate an A/C system of refrigerant. This pump is used simplest AFTER the A/C system is empty of refrigerant. If a system wishes evacuated, Enviro-Protected does carry a refrigerant reclaimer #5095 that may be ordered. Works with R12, R22, R134, 502, & 410a. Complete with a 1-Year Warranty Applications come with: Refrigeration, Air Conditioning (including automotive applications), Medical appliances, Printing Machinery Vacuum Packing Gas-research and hot-forming plastics. FEATURES: Rotary Top Efficiency Low Noise Preventing Oil Go back Best possible Appearance Excellent for as much as 29″ At Sea Level 120 watt motor RPM: 1720 Voltage: 110 V, 60HZ. Weight: 15 lbs. or 6.9 (kg) INTAKE FITTING: 1/4″ R12 systems or 1/2″ ACME R134a systems. Features: ONE-YEAR WARRANTY Oil fill cap Exhaust Cap Exhaust Port Oil Full mark indicator Oil sight glass for monitoring oil levels. Oil Drain Plug Inlet fittings for R12/R134a On/Off Switch Line cord 110 vac SINGLE STAGE: CFM: 2.6 = HP: 1/6 Vacuum Pump manufacturers counsel oil be changed after every contaminated system is evacuated for max protection. Vacuum Pump Oil is that can be purchased one after the other. ***Please be instructed that a filter out dryer should be used with vacuum pumps or warranty can be voided since debris & contaminated systems will destroy a vacuum pump. Manifold: Great set for the handyman. Will work on R12/R22/502 systems. ALSO has R134a snap couplers included for R134a, R22, or R12 use. Hoses have compatibility with R12, R22, R134a, and hydrocarbons Gauge set includes: 60″ hoses snap couplers sight glass with moisture indicator Gauge set features: zeroing adjustment screw gauge pads 1/4″ ends anti-flutter Can Faucet: same old 1/4″ 20 flare hose (R12, R22, R502) for use with this Faucet. This Faucet will NOT have compatibility the R12 refrigerant cans. It is going to NOT have compatibility the brand new California taste refrigerant cans.
2.6 CFM Single Stage Vacuum Pump #4015
Brass Manifold #800
Can Faucet #5005
















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