Clutch Cable

The Clutch Cable is designed for 2-stroke bike engine kits across the board and is about 60″ in length
Installation couldn’t be easier: just feed the bead in to the clutch lever (like you would with a bicycle brake cable and lever), send the cable through the clutch screw base and clutch arm, set the tension and lock it with a clutch wire clip, zip tie as needed, and you’re ready to ride
Part #38 on the Clutch Diagram

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Snatch Cable

Part #38 at the Snatch Diagram

The replacement Snatch cable with housing for the two-stroke 66cc/80cc bicycle engines. This cable measures approximately 60 inches in period with slight permutations in measurement relying on present stock. The Snatch cable connects to the bicycle engine equipment in 4 places; Snatch lever, Snatch screw base, and to the Snatch arm (secured with the Snatch cord clip).  


Package includes

Approximately 60″ Snatch Cable Wire

Part Number (See Portions Handbook): 3-38 or D3-90

The Snatch Cable is designed for two-stroke motorcycle engine kits around the board and is set 60″ in period
Deploy could not be more straightforward: simply feed the bead in to the Snatch lever (like you can with a bicycle brake cable and lever), ship the cable in the course of the Snatch screw base and Snatch arm, set the strain and lock it with a Snatch cord clip, zip tie as wanted, and you are ready to trip
Section #38 at the Snatch Diagram



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