Clevite MB2581AL20 Engine Bearing


Clevite Main BearingsIndividual Main BearingsVarious varieties of main bearing grooving have been used over theyears. We are ceaselessly asked what difference grooving makes.First, its crucial to needless to say bearings rely on afilm of oil to keep them separated from the shaft surface. This oilfilm is developed by shaft rotation. as the shaft rotates it pullsoil into the loaded area of the bearing and rides up in this filmmuch like a tire hydroplaning on wet pavement. Grooving in abearing acts like tread in a tire to get a divorce the oil film. Whileyou want your tires to grip the street, you dont want your bearingsto grip the shaft.The main reason for having any grooving in a main bearing isto provide oil to the connecting rods. Without rod bearings tofeed, a simple oil hole would be sufficient to lubricate a mainbearing. Many early engines used full grooved bearings and someeven used a couple of grooves. As engine and bearing technologydeveloped, bearing grooving used to be got rid of from brand new lower mainbearings. The result’s in a thicker film of oil for the shaft toride on. This offers a better safety margin and improved bearinglife. Upper main shells, which see lower quite a bit than the lowers,have retained a groove to provide theconnecting rods with oil.So that you could develop the most productive imaginable main bearing designsfor performance engines, weve investigated the effects of mainbearing grooving on bearing performance. The graphs at the nextpage illustrate that a simple 180 groove within the upper main shellis still the most productive overall design.At the same time as a quite shorter groove of 140 provides a marginalgain, some of the benefit is to the upper shell, which doesnt needimprovement. However, extending the groove into the lowerhalf, whilst little as 20 at each and every parting line (220 in total),takes away from upper bearing performance without providing anybenefit to the lower half. Its also interesting to notice that asgroove length increases so do horsepower loss and Peak Oil FilmPressure


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