Califone PA419-02 Portable Bluetooth PA System


Ideal for a couple of presenters, the PA419-02 has two wireless mic receivers and may even reinforce a 3rd presenter (with a stressed out mic) on the same time. The PA419-02 is the primary PA made to be used in faculties and churches to add Bluetooth and NFC (Close to Field Communication) for fast and simple wireless audio streaming from a Bluetooth-enabled device. Along with straight voice amplification out to teams as much as 300 other people (or in rooms as much as 2,000 sq. feet), a pc (to the road input) or a projector (from the road out) will also be briefly hooked up for multimedia shows. With the voice priority of the PA419-02, making announcements via a hooked up microphone routinely mutes any music that is being played. Three seconds after the speaking stops, the music will go back to its previous level. The PA419-02 runs on AC power or its rechargeable lithium battery (20% lighter than lead-acid batteries), and plays for a minimum of 2.5 hours on a single price.


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