Brush Hero Wheel Brush

Use the white brush for tough jobs and the black brush for sensitive surfaces
This unique device combines the entire advantages of powered scrubbing tools with the easy cleaning power of water. You can find the Brush-Hero to hand not just for tires and rims, but for your entire auto detailing needs.

Use the Brush-Hero to: Clean tires, rims and hubcaps – even the hard-to-achieve spots across the lug nuts and at the back of the wheel spokes! Thoroughly clean tricky areas like your car’s grill and around logos, hood ornaments and more. Detail your engine.

The Brush-Hero’s narrow profile makes it best possible for cleaning under the hood. Wash your car’s fenders and windows – the brushes are strong enough to take away the dirt, but soft enough to keep away from marring the paint Clean motorcycles and recreational vehicles. Use the Brush-Hero to make chrome and the entire other intricate details shine.

The Brush-Hero permits you to accomplish all of this and more without the will for electricity or batteries. This device includes a simple turbine that may be powered by your garden hose. The Brush Hero’s efficient design packs a powerful punch – You can be surprised by the quantity of torque this detailing brush produces!

The Brush-Hero is as versatile as it’s powerful. And not using a mechanical parts, the whole lot is easily replaceable, including the detachable brushes. There are no metal parts – the durable plastic is made to get up to harsh cleaning chemicals, and You can never want to worry about rust or corrosion. The Brush Hero fits any same old garden hose, and you’ll use it with hose-end soap dispensers for much more cleaning power. The Brush Hero is designed to succeed in all the ones tough areas that car owners struggle with. With a constant float of water, the comb not only self-cleans, however it rinses dirt away as it scrubs.















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