AES RGS30 GPS Tracker SMS Locator Mini Portable Vehicle Locating Device with Magnetic Case

100% Pre-Tested in The US, 100% Ready To Go!!!
Small, Discrete dustproof Magnetic Case Easy to use.
Internal battery Operates GPS up to 96 Hour on single charge.


The RGS30 GPS Locator is an obvious top choice for Economic GPS tracking application. The mini magnetic case

permits for covert installation. With the inbuilt vibration detector and proprietary low power GPS technology,

the RGS30 will run for as much as 96 hours with average use on a single charge.

RGS30 GPS Locator will work anywhere in The USA. The usage of the recent in GPS mapping technologies from Google EarthTM,

It is exact location may also be shown on satellite-based totally maps to your smart phone. Simple to setup.

The GPS tracker uses third party wireless cellular network to send GPS coordinates message for your smart phone,

An inactivated wireless SIM card (Pay to head SIM card) is Pre-installed into the tracker. YOU wish to add funds to

this SIM card each three months someday so as to keep the tracker working. Depend at the usage,

It’s going to cost $0.05 for the tracker sending one location information message for your smart phone. When you want to find

tracker, Just use your smart phone call the tracker’s SIM card phone number, The GPS tracker will reply back a text message

with the tracker location information for your smart phone, when you get the message, Just click the message to your

smart phone, The Google map will open and show the tracker current location.

The entire trackers are one hundred% tested in The USA before shipping

You’ll get target’s latitude and longitude by SMS and check position by google earth to your smart phone

An None activated SIM card is Pre-installed into the GPS unit for you Simple get started,

2.5 meters horizontal accuracy.

Customer will have to have Smart phone with 4G/LTE service to make use of this track.
one hundred% Pre-Tested in The USA, one hundred% In a position To Go!!!
Small, Discrete dustproof Magnetic Case Simple to make use of.
Internal battery Operates GPS as much as 96 Hour on single charge.
No contract, No activation fee.Pay as you go account.
GPS tracker Sends SMS Text to Your Phone with the coordinates information. .



















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