6.0L Ford Powerstroke Diesel Blue Spring Upgrade Kit

Prevents Fuel injector damage from low fuel pressure
Easy to install
Replaces factory spring that looses tension over time


FAQ’s: ‘What’s the purpose of this kit?’ In line with Ford the most typical cause of 6.0L injector failure is low fuel pressure. This kit increases the pressure in your injectors by about 10%. Each 6.0L owner must perform this affordable upgrade! ‘Will this kit damage my engine?’ Absolutely not – this kit was once not our idea. Ford developed the blue spring update and both Ford and International sell it through their dealer networks. ‘What is included on this kit?’ This kit may be very simple – it includes only three parts – a new fairly stronger pressure regulator spring, a new gasket for the pressure regulator cover, and a new molded seal for the pressure regulating piston. ‘Is this kit easy to put in?’ Yes, it is a quite straight-forward job for persons with basic mechanical abilities. Following are the elemental installation steps: 1. Locate your secondary fuel filter housing which is situated on top of the engine. So as to get entry to the secondary fuel filter housing, you may also wish to Cast off some intake duct work and tie some coolant hoses out of the way in which. 2. Cast off the fuel filter cap and the fuel filter. Cast off the fuel from the filter housing. 3. Cast off the four torx screws that retain the pressure regulator housing cover to the side of the secondary fuel filter housing. Keep pressure on the cover all the way through this process So as to keep the spring from pushing the cover off too quickly. 4. Gently move the cover away from the housing. Replace the old spring with the brand new blue spring, and replace the seal on the pressure regulating piston on the end of the blue spring. Then replace the cover gasket and reverse procedure to re-assemble. 5. Before starting the engine cycle the important thing a number of times to prime the fuel system.
Prevents Fuel injector damage from low fuel pressure
Easy to put in
Replaces factory spring that looses tension through the years
Includes the whole lot needed including cover gasket and regulating piston seal
Fits all 2003 – 2010 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel













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