165VR3 – Focal 6.5″ + 4″ Polyglass 3-Way Component Speakers

Product type : 3 way kit
Max. power : 160W
Nom. power : 80W


Since its very starting, Polyglass has symbolized the very heart of the entire Focal Car line-up. The primary characteristics of this line combines advanced technologies, total manufacturing keep watch over and distinctive know-how. This process has been continually developed for more than twenty-5 years, which still continues lately, to succeed in a legitimate quality that may be universally recognized as very good whilst still remaining reasonably priced. To arrive at this delicate balance, extreme care is taken over more than one production stages, which is why the entire key parts found within the Polyglass line are entirely manufactured in-area. The Polyglass cone, absolutely exploits the outstanding properties of glass, a fair covering of micro glass spheres over the entire cellulose pulp paper cone greatly will increase its rigidity with out adding important weight. The entire finesse of the Polyglass vary comes from a mixture of the tweeter and woofer, creating a neural sound with very good detail at recreating the emotion of music.
Product sort : 3 manner kit
Max. power : 160W
Nom. power : 80W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) : 93dB
Frequency response (+/-3dB) : 55Hz – 28kHz


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