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4 DIY Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring cleaning tips is all you are probably seeing right now across the web for those who like to DIY. Getting your house and life cleared out for the summer months can help you relax and get the staleness of winter out of your life. That’s great for your house and life but what about your car? If you are like me and have to commute each day your unkept car can lead to some added stress.

Here are 4 DIY Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

Replace your Windshield Wipers

Spring is usually a rainy time of year so having your windshield wipers working at their peak will help you driving visibility. We recommend wiper blades with superior flexibility and bend to for better wiping action. Be sure to look up the correct wiper blade size for your car as they are not one size fits all!

Windshield Washer Fluid

Along with proper wipers you should consider replacing your windshield washer fluid or refill with a bug and rain repellent washer fluid. Spring, especially in the South, is full of spring time flying bugs like love bugs best diet pills to lose weight. Getting their remains of your windshield often requires a trip to the car wash. With a top of the line windshield washer fluid and great windshield wipers your windshield will have a greater chance in the battle against spring time bugs.

Check Your Spare Tire

You never know when you will need your spare tire and they are often forgotten until you need them. Each time the season changes is probably a good time to check your spare tire to make sure it is ready to go in case emergency strikes. Things to notice are air pressure and if there may be any structural damage from the last time you checked.

Replace Your Air Filters

Every time you go and get your car checked up you are probably told to replace your air filter. With the prices you are told you need to pay to have this done you would think it was a complicated process with a super intricate air filter. Well that is not the case. Air filters such as those from FRAM are often not going to break the bank and the installation is pretty simple with included instructions along with your car manual to locate the air filter.

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