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3 Reasons to Consider A Diesel Car

Diesel cars are becoming increasingly popular after a 20 year or so drought among top car manufacturers and even top car publications. Many found them to be clunky when handling and also a big polluter. Modern technology has eliminated these setbacks and more and more new car buyers are making the switch to diesel.

Here are our top 3 reasons to make the switch to diesel:

Fuel Economy

The main reason most people are making the switch is the advantage of much more fuel economy compared to regular unleaded gasoline. Typically you can travel a good 20% further on the same tank of gas in comparable miles. This could net you some serious cheddah at the end of the month for those with a long commute.

Obviously hybrid cars will also save you money at the pump but they tend to be less fun to drive and more expensive than their diesel counterparts. With newer technologies diesel has become almost as good for the environment as well.

Highway Driving

Like many people I purchased a hybrid car thinking that it would be the best option to save gas mileage in all conditions. However when I moved from a larger city to rural North Florida I soon learned this to be a falsehood. Hybrids do perform better in the city compared to diesel but for those who drive mostly on highways diesel performs much better.

In fact, some recent models like the Chevy Cruze Diesel doubles it mileage when going from city driving to highway our website. So if you do most of your driving though long passes rather than just breaking and going a diesel car might be a better option.

Low End Power

Unlike gas engines, diesel engines do not need to be revved up to for best acceleration. Diesel gives the driver the feeling of more power behind the wheel when accelerating. If speed is your thing you will love the more powerful feel especially through low end speeds. If top speed is your only concern a gas engine will probably be your best bet.
Diesel engines have come along way in the past 20 years. More and more car manufacturers are producing diesel options as an alternative to both gas and hybrid technologies. So the next time you are on the hunt for new car you might consider the once afterthought that was a diesel car.

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